The Oldest Female Surgeon in the World is 88 Years Old, and She’s Still Working

Alla Levushkina is 88 years old this year, but she’s still working as a surgeon in a hospital in Russia. This would be the 67th year she’s been on the job. 

She used to work in the air medical services for 30 years when she treated patients living on the outskirts of Russia. She now works in Ryazan, the place where she grew up and studied. 

Levushkina performs four surgeries a week. Despite her age, her hands are never shaky. She also calls herself a “racing horse” because she is immediately filled with energy when she enters the operation theatre. Standing at only 150cm in height, she has a special platform that she stands on while she performs surgeries.

Some patients weren’t confident in her abilities initially, given her age. But Levushkina proved them wrong with her skills and professionalism. A patient named Irina said, “At first I felt I couldn’t trust a surgeon who is so old, but after she palpitated me with her firm fingers, all doubts gone.” 

Levushkina has performed about 10,000 surgeries throughout 60 years of practicing, and she’s not about to retire soon. When asked why does she still practices as a surgeon, she answered, “Being a doctor isn’t just a profession but a lifestyle. If I stopped working, who is going to perform the surgeries?”

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