#MH17: A Steward’s Wish

The passing of one of the flight attendants onboard the ill-fated MH17 flight had a great impact on one of Astro Radio’s former employee, Wafiey Haskia. The Malaysia Airlines cabin crew, Shaikh Mohd Noor bin Mahmood or fondly known as “Abang Mat Noor” was like a brother to Wafiey. Shaikh was the son of his father’s best friend who was also his mentor from a very young age.

 “Whenever I come home from school, he would be the first person I look for. Every time he comes back from his silat lessons, he would ask me to punch him on the stomach, hard. He would tell me that he was invincible, and if I hit him often enough, he’d be stronger! Eventually, I found out that it was a trick to get me to massage his tired body,” said Wafiey, reminiscing fond memories with the dedicated flight attendant.  

“He’s very protective – when I was younger, no one could touch me, no one could lay a finger on me. He’s always there for me. I see a lot of my dad in him. He has a noble heart and he would help anyone in a heartbeat. Even if it would inconvenience him, he would still step up to help,“ Wafiey went on.  

“He once said that he wished that he was on the MH370 flight so that the whole of Malaysia would pray for him. Now, his wish has been granted.” 

Wafiey also told us that the incident impacted him even more since his wife is a stewardess. Be strong, Wafiey!

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