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Spotify Just Offered President Obama a Job

The job title? President of Playlists.

After President Obama joked about "waiting for [a] job at Spotify" last week, the music streaming service put up a job vacancy notice on their website for the position of President of Playlists.


The CEO of Spotify also tweeted the President about this job offer, asking him to check it out. 





It was very obvious from the job description that Spotify was looking for Obama to fill the position. The job requires the candidate to be someone who has a Nobel Peace Prize, has good relationship with musicians, and has at least eight years of experience in running a nation. 


According to the job description, the job involves providing "world-class leadership" to playlist editors and creating new playlists for different occasions, including "addressing the nation" about the Obamacare legislation. 


Will Obama take the job? We think he's the only qualified candidate for it!



Cover image from Reuters

*Article source: The Malay Mail Online


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