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Your 'Peace' Sign Photos Could Put You at Risk of Identity Theft

The popular finger pose favoured by youngsters may put them at risk.

We've all have photos taken of ourselves with the 'peace' sign finger pose. It's also a popular pose among youngsters for selfies. Unfortunately, this pose might put you at risk of identity theft. 


Image from Inquirer


Japanese researchers from the National Institute of Informatics said the criminals can easily copy fingerprints from the photos of people who sport the 'peace' sign pose. This pose exposes a person's fingerprints in photos, allowing criminals to copy their fingerprints. 


With high quality cameras widely available on mobile phones these days, it's no surprise that a person's fingerprints can be captured clearly on photo. It can even capture a person's fingerprints clearly from three metres away.


On the other hand, criminals can copy and recreate fingerprints with simple softwares that are widely available. With so many of your personal information tied to biometrics, you might want to think twice before flashing your fingerprints on camera again. 



Cover image from Inquirer 

*Article source: The Malay Mail Online


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