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A Restaurant in London Lets You Pay For Your Food With 10 Minutes of Intense Workout

Exercise, and then you eat.

A pop-up café, which calls itself the world's first exercise café, recently appeared in London. Named Run For Your Bun, the concept is as straightforward as its name: exercise for your food. 



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Like any restaurant, diners order their food once they've reached the café. They're then ushered to start their 10-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. After that, food is served to the hungry diners. 



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The pop-up café is set up by David Lloyd Clubs, a fitness provider in UK, to encourage people to start living a healthy lifestyle. Many of us spend most of our days in the office sitting in front of our computers working away. We get up to run some errands and go for lunch, only to come back and spend most of the day sitting in our workstations again. 


This is definitely a good way to remind us of the importance of exercising. 



Cover image from David Lloyd

*Article source: Metro


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