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This Cargo Train Just Left the Yiwu Station in China For London

That's about 12,000km on rail!

A cargo headed for London from Yiwu in China just left the Yiwu train station last week. This is China's first direct freight train to UK, travelling through seven countries on rail before it reaches its final destination. 


Image from Xinhua



Called the new "Silk Road", this train will take two and a half weeks to reach London. The train is transporting clothes, suitcases, and other household items over 12,000km. It will travel through Kazakhstan after leaving China, to Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, and finally UK. 


This cargo train service is said to be part of the Chinese President's vision to improve China's economic ties with the rest of the world. 


If this train route opens for passengers, will you be interested to take a ride?



Cover image from Xinhua

*Article source: CNN


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