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When a Passenger Started Attacking the Crew Mid-Flight, Richard Marx Helped Subdue Him.

They had to restrain him for four hours.

Richard Marx and his wife, Daisy Fuentes, were flying from Hanoi to Seoul when a passenger sitting in the row next to them started acting violently. The man started pulling the flight attendants' hair and pushing them around, but the other crew members didn't know how to stop or subdue him. 


Seeing that the crew was being abused, Richard and a few other male passengers got up to stop him. The man put up a fight and was eventually restrained. 



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However, he managed to free himself from the ropes and started attacking more crew members and even the passengers. The whole fiasco lasted for four hours and, thankfully, the man was arrested when they landed in Incheon International Airport in Seoul. 


Richard and his wife are safe, and will be continuing their journey to Los Angeles from Seoul.



Cover image from Daisy Fuentes

*Article source: Hype


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