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5 Songs From The J. Geils Band To Throwback To Today!

“She was pure like snowflakes, no one could ever stain”

J. Geils Band released their first album in 1970. Their first big hit, "Love Stinks" came in 1980, and they finally scored a number one with "Centerfold" in 1981. The album it came from, "Freeze Frame," was also number one for 4 weeks, and stayed on the charts for 70 weeks. Here are the songs that you could throwback to today!


1) J. Geils Band - Centerfold


This is a song about a guy who had a crush on a sweet, innocent girl in high school. Years later, he's looking through a girly magazine and sees his crush as the centerfold. Obviously, it brings about a torrent of happiness within him! However, rather than feeling glad, he feels sad, as his "memory has been sold”.


2) J. Geils Band - Love Stinks

This is the song that Adam Sandler sang in the 1998 movie The Wedding Singer, as well as appearing in the film Opie Gets Laid (2005), as well as the "Foreign Exchange Student" episode of My Name Is Earl (2007).


3) J GEILS BAND give it to me

This is one of the most popular J. Geils Band songs from the group's early years. A true throwback!


4) J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame


In this video, the fun that the band was having was surprisingly genuine. Peter Wolf told Goldmine in 1983: "By the time an album is finished, there's less pressure on you and the video serves as a kind of release. Hence, us throwing paint all over each other in the 'Freeze Frame' video."


5) J Geils Band - Come Back

The J. Geils Band were coming off a slump in popularity when they decided to play up the keyboards on 1978’s Sanctuary. They noticed that it was a moderate success, and they crammed even more contemporary-sounding keys onto their next album, 1980’s Love Stinks. The LP’s first single, the Eurodisco-inspired “Come Back,” became their highest-charting song in six years.

R.I.P J. Geils. You will be missed.

P/S feel the nostalgia?


Cover Photo and Article Source : UltimateClassic Rock


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