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Award Winning Filmmakers Urge Audiences to Watch Their Films in Cinema Instead of Streaming Them Online

The King and Queen have spoken!

In this day and age, streaming films, TV shows and videos online is very easy. It’s such a convenience nowadays to watch videos on Netflix and Youtube. But is it the same experience as watching movies on the big screen?



Award winning director Christopher Nolan spoke at the CinemaCon, an annual film related convention organized by the National Association of Theatre Owners, saying that he hopes that audiences will enjoy his film in the cinema. Nolan is referring to his upcoming film, ‘Dunkirk’ a second world war drama and adds “ I am depending and relying on all of you to try to present this film in the best way possible.”


Sofia Coppola, the daughter of film legend Francis Ford Coppola and a prolific filmmaker in her own right, agrees with Nolan.She affirmed that, ‘It’s where they were “meant to be seen.”


With the boom of internet streaming services, watching films in the cinema has become something that promises an overall more delightful experience.


P/S: Remember to go out on a movie date with your loved ones tonight! 


Cover image from ShortFilmFirst

*Article source: The Guardian


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