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She Built a 'Cat Ladder' To Save Stray Cats From Freezing To Death

This kind Turkish lady built a cute 'cat ladder' so stray cats can keep warm in her house.

There's a house with a mini ladder in the town of Tekirdag, Turkey. The ladder is decorated with beautiful potted plants and it leads up to a window with white grills and curtains. 


Many people were confused as to who the ladder was meant for. It's too small for a child to climb, and even if it could support a child, the child cannot fit through the window. It's also too big and slightly extravagant to be a garden decor. 


Image from The Dodo



After asking the homeowner, who is a kind looking Turkish lady, people found out that the ladder was meant for stray cats. As winter can get quite cold in Turkey, some stray animals could end up dying in the cold. To help, this Turkish lady put a ladder outside her window so that stray cats can climb into her house to keep warm. 


Since the introduction of the 'cat ladder', she has 'hosted' many stray cats during the winter months. She fed them and allowed them to stay as long as they wanted in her warm home. 


Such a kind lady!



Cover image from The Dodo

*Article source: Bored Panda


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