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He Still Showed Up For Work Despite His Injuries So That He Could Buy Food For the Homeless

He really is an inspiration to all.

An 18-year-old teenager got into an accident and still chose to show up for work on the next day despite being injured.


Jakeem Tyler, a cashier, was wearing a neck brace and an arm sling when he was spotted by customers at his workplace. When asked what happened, Jakeem mentioned that he got into an accident a day before.


Normally in situations like these, most people would take some days off work to rest and recover. Instead, Jakeem decided that he should continue working. When he was asked why, he stated that he needed the money for himself, and also to buy food for the homeless.


What’s admirable is his passion to help those in need, despite his condition at that moment. A customer took a photo of Jakeem and shared his story on Facebook:



Wouldn’t the world be a better place if there were more people like him?





Cover image from Cameron Nelson

*Article source: Nextshark


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