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Kind Policeman Stopped a Student Who Was Speeding and Helped Him With His Necktie

The policeman helped the student tie his necktie because he didn't know how to.

Police officer Martin Folczyk stopped a speeding car recently on the highway. A student in formal wear stepped out of the car, looking apologetic.


When Folczyk asked him why he was driving so fast, the University of Wisconsin-Stout student explained that he was running late for a presentation and needed a friend to help him tie his necktie. Unfortunately, his friend was not at home and he was already really late. 


Officer Folczyk then asked the student to produce his driver's license and car insurance, while he took the student's necktie and started tying it for him. 





The first try wasn't successful, so Folczyk offered to help the student tie a better knot again. He then gave the student a verbal warning and left. The student thanked him again and again before leaving for his presentation. 


This simple gesture of the officer helping with a necktie made the student's day, goes to show how a simple good deed goes a long way. 



Cover image from Police Activity

*Article source: Fox 9


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