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Practice These Little Things to Make Your Kids Feel Loved

Little things mean the world to your little ones.

We get caught up with work a lot and end up stressed out and drained. Imagine going home to our family, seeing our kids welcome us with arms wide open and smiling ear to ear. As parents, here are little things we can start to practice to show our kids the love they deserve.


1) Let them know that you miss them and are glad to see them

When you reach home after work, give them a hug, and kiss them. 




2) Appreciate what they have done for you

Give them genuine compliments if they drew something for you.




3) Watch their favourite cartoon together with them 

Yes, watch the cartoon with them and you’ll be surprised at how interesting it can be. 




4) Ask about what they are thinking and listen attentively

Kids have an amazing imagination and you want to know what’s in their beautiful minds.




5) Let them make their own decisions

Have some fun by giving them the chance to pick their own clothes or the flavour of ice-cream they want to try.



P/S: Show extra love to your loved ones!


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*Article source: BrightsideMe

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