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The Japanese Man Who Gave His Wife the 'Silent Treatment' For 20 Years Finally Breaks His Silence

This is the first time he spoke to her in 20 years.

Otou and Yumi Katayama have been married for years. However, for 20 years, Otou refused to speak to his wife, Yumi. The man gave his wife the silent treatment for an astonishing two decades because he was jealous and "was sulking about it". 


So for 20 years, whenever Yumi tried to talk to him, Otou would only grunt and nod. 


Otou and Yumi have three children, aged 25, 21, and 18. All of them barely remember the last time their parents spoke. To get them to talk again, the youngest child wrote to a TV show to ask for their help to get his parents to start talking again. 


The producers arranged for Otou and Yumi to visit the park where they had their first date, and after a long while, Otou finally stopped the decades-long silent treatment. 





The whole Katayama family was shocked and relieved when Otou spoke his first words to Yumi. Their children even started crying listening to what he had to say to his wife. 


Otou acknowledged the hardships his wife had to go through all those years in trying to keep their family together. Finally, he said that he wished to start talking to her again, to his wife's great happiness. 


We hope this is really the end of the silent treatment, and the beginning of a happy married life for the couple!



Cover image from Hokkaido Television

*Article source: The Malay Mail Online


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