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Kind Indonesian Couple Travelled Across Town Just To Return a Lost Wallet Without Asking For Anything in Return

Faith in humanity restored!

It’s always inspiring to hear stories of good deeds and we never want to hear the end of it. Facebook user Francis Liew shared a heartwarming encounter with a kind and honest couple that did just that.


In his Facebook post, Francis stated that it was close to midnight when this couple rang his doorbell. As he answered, the couple then returned a wallet to him. To his surprise, the wallet belonged to his daughter. She wasn’t aware that she dropped it.


Image from Francis Liew



Francis thanked the couple, who requested for nothing in return and bade him farewell. Dumbfounded, Francis decided to go after them and insisted on giving them a token of appreciation.


“The couple still decline my small token of appreciation but I gave it to the bewildered taxi driver anyway. After explaining to him what had happened, I instructed him to deduct the fare from the amount and give the balance to the couple.”


He even added, “Let’s not lose faith in humanity!”




He’s grateful for people like these who are blessings in disguise -- a sentiment we also share.



Cover image from Francis Liew

*Article source: World of Buzz


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