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A Fruit Juice Millionaire’s Incredible Journey from Darkness to Light

A near death experience that turned his life around

In 2003, 33 year old Khalil Rafiti was a drug addict who overdosed for the ninth time. He was brought back to life by paramedics with a defibrillator. He used to be addicted to crack cocaine, but realised that he wanted to change his life and spent four long months in rehab. He has been drug-free to this day.



Life after rehab for Khalil has been amazing. He strived for healthy living and has been successful in doing so. Today, he is living a dream life as the founder and owner of Sunlife Organics, a California-based health food company.

On top of that, Khalil also aspires to help others and be a source of positivity. He runs his very own rehab centre and published an autobiography, I Forgot To Die in the year 2015.

Cover photo from ThisLifePodcast

Article Source : TIME


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