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How a Fried Oyster Helped Reunite a Man, Kidnapped as a Child, With His Real Family.

Li Risheng was trafficked when he was 7 years old and never saw his family again.

Li Risheng was just seven years old when he was kidnapped and sold to another family. All he remembered was that he fell alseep during a shopping trip with his mother and her two friends, only to wake up in a farm that he has never seen before. 


Instead of honouring their promise to bring him back to his mother, these friends sold him to a family from another part of the country. This family became his new family, who also gave him a new name - Ye Fengqiang. 


Image from Guangzhou Daily



Risheng tried running away many times to return to his real family, but the Ye family managed to stop him. He eventually learned to accept his new family and stayed with them for 13 years. He was too young to remember where his real hometown was too. 


One day while dining out, Risheng ate a plate of fried oysters which tasted a lot like home. This "home flavour", as he called it, prompted him to ask the chef about the origins of the dish. He was told that this dish is a local delicacy in Maoming, China. This piece of information helped narrow down his search for his biological family, who he eventually found was really in Maoming. 


Risheng and his father were reunited earlier last week. The father-son pair were crying in each other's arms, happy to be reunited again after more than a decade. 



Cover image from Guangzhou Daily

*Article source: Yahoo! 7 News


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