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Behind This Photo of Debbie Reynolds and Baby Carrie Fisher is a Poignant Mother-Daughter Story

Inseparable throughout their lives.

A black and white photo from the 60s of a baby Carrie Fisher and her mother just resurfaced and is trending on social media. 


This photo was taken at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, when Debbie was performing there in 1963. Carrie was sitting on a stool in the wings, watching her mother command the stage like a true performer. 


Image from Lawrence Schiller



According to Lawrence Schiller, the photographer responsible for this shot, Carrie was the type of child who loves being around her mother. "Every place her mother walked, she would walk after her," said Lawrence. 


In this particular shot, Carrie followed her mother all the way to the stage, wanting be as close to Debbie as she's allowed to. She sat in the wings watching her mother perform throughout the show, "mesmerised by her mother", as described by Lawrence.


Debbie and Carrie were estranged for 10 years when the Star Wars actress was in her 20s and 30s. They eventually reconciled and the mother-daughter bond grew stronger. 


It's reported that Debbie said that she missed Carrie a great deal after the latter died from a heart attack. Debbie even said that she "want to be with Carrie". The Hollywood legend passed away a day after her daughter. 



Cover image from Lawrence Schiller

*Article source: Today


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