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It Started With the Restaurant Owner Giving Away Free Food, Now Diners are Donating Free Meals Too.

You just need one person to start giving.

Marche Ferdous, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Canada, had a little sign pasted on its shopfront: "People with no money welcome to eat free". The restaurant owner, Hashemi, doesn't think it's a big deal. Nor does he think that it's something that will increase his business expenses. 


Image from Global News



Marche Ferdous serves up to five free meals a day, depending on the numbers of diners in need. Gradually, Hashemi's customers started donating CND20-50 to the restaurant, paying it forward and buying suspended meals for the poor. 


Hashemi sees this as a way of giving back to Canada, which he said "had given him so much". 


It may seem like a small gesture with minimal backing, but set the example, and people will follow. Start paying it forward now!



Cover image from Global News

*Article source: BBC


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