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These Two Unassuming Culprits Of Health Woes Will Surprise You

You could be injuring yourself and not even know it.

You’re catching up with some reading on the phone. You’re clocking in some time in the gym despite your hectic schedule. Surely, you deserve a pat on your back for the jobs well done. But wait—while you’re going about them, have you been paying attention to your posture?


Without realising it, these activities could easily be causing you more harm than good…


Did You Know That Exercising Can Be Harmful To Your Health?

Image: Ryan McGuire / Gratisography

In recent years, growing numbers of people of all ages have been heeding their health professionals’ advice to get active. But for some, predominantly those who overdo or who don’t warm-up and train correctly, the health benefits that exercising has to offer can come at a painful price.


However, don’t treat exercising like the plague just yet—it is ultimately, a healthy activity that is good for you. Many sports injuries can be prevented if people take the proper precautions.


But what if I’ve already sustained a sports injury?

Fear not. Most sports injuries can be treated efficiently. What’s more, many who have suffered injuries can return to a satisfying level of physical activities after recuperating.


Common workout injuries include muscle pull and strain, sprained ankle, shoulder injury, knee injury, shin splint, tendinitis and more.


Image: Tom Wang / Shutterstock

You can manage many simple injuries yourself, but if you have a major one or if your nagging woes don’t clear up, it’s time to seek professional help. Primary care physicians can handle many exercise-induced problems. However, more difficult issues will require an orthopaedic surgeon’s input.


What can an orthopaedic surgeon do to help?

An orthopaedic surgeon is the expert whose mission is to help you get back to tip top condition. They coordinate personalised treatment from preventive wellness (so you don’t have to endure the same pain again) to injury diagnosis through nonsurgical or surgical repair, recovery and rehabilitation.


The Smartphone Is A Pain In The Neck… Literally

Image: Tom Wang / Shutterstock

Chances are, you’re reading this while slanting over a desk or slumped back on a chair. Your head is slanted forward; your shoulders are curved. And if you’re on your mobile phone of ipad, your arms are bent by your side, with your back hunch even more profound.


The position you’re in is almost certainly causing you pain whether you’re aware of it just yet or not. Forward head posture or “Text Neck” is no joke. It can cause nerve pain or lead to metabolic problems.


Yikes! What else should I know about Text Neck?

Some studies concluded that bending your head at a 60-degree angle to peer over a phone places a whopping 27kg of pressure on the cervical spine above the shoulders. That’s more than the weight of an average 7-year-old!


Image: jehsomwang / Shutterstock

Spines are not built to endure such wear and tear. Even as a result of normal use, people above the age of 30 are already seeing signs of breakdown in their spines. The degeneration starts young and accumulates. Other everyday activities that fast-track the process include spending large amount of time sitting or working on a computer, watching TV, playing video games and even driving.


With technology becoming more integrated into our lives, avoiding usage of it is impossible. So it is important that we learn to use it without harming our health—constantly paying attention to your posture is a great way to start.


Here’s A Bone Specialist For You… Just In Case

At Beacon Hospital, their bone specialist provide comprehensive and integrated bone health care, offering diagnosis, non-surgical and surgical treatments, and rehabilitation for conditions and injuries related to the bone, muscle, joint and associated structures.


For more information, visit or call 03-7787 2992.

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