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3 Superfoods That are Good For Your Kids

Giving your children all the nutrients they need.

Superfood is good for children as it is for adults. Perhaps you can incorporate some of these nutritious superfoods into your children's meals:



#1 Oatmeal


Image from Taralynn McNitt


Oatmeal is good for digestion and improves metabolism. It'll also help your children focus better in school. Add a little honey and fruits to go with the oats!




#2 Kiwi


Image from Image Story


Kiwi is rich in fibre, antioxidants, and all sorts of vitamins and minerals. 



#3 Watermelon


Image from Love This Pic


This juicy fruit has lots of vitamins to offer. It's also a great fruit to enjoy during hot days. 



Read here for the full list of superfoods good for children. 



Cover image from Huffington Post

*Article source: The Malay Mail Online


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