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A New Study Says That You Should STOP Using Cotton Buds To Clean Your Ears

So what do we do about the earwax?

We know we shouldn't be using our fingers to clear those pesky earwax from our ear canals. Cotton buds, on the other hand, are soft and have no sharp edges. They should be fine, right?


Wrong. Cotton buds can harm your ears the same way fingernails and metal picks can. 


Image from Geobeats



New clinical guidelines published in the Otlaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery journal explained that cotton buds can cause cuts in our ear canals as well. It could also dislocate hearing bones and perforate the eardrums, which could lead to hearing loss and serious ear injury. 


So what can we do with those disgusting earwax? 


The journal said that earwax will move from inside to outside of the ear through jaw movements and skin growth. Earwax will then be easily washed off during bath time. 


To keep your ears clean, just wipe away the excess earwax or dust on the outside of your ears daily.



Cover image from Geobeats

*Article source: CNN


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