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Why You Should Insist Your Child Has Breakfast Before They Go To School

Or, at least, bring breakfast from home.

There's a saying that goes "breakfast is the most important meal of the day". How true is that and why is it so? Does it apply to schooling kids as well?


Breakfast is actually really important for children, especially when they're still in school. Besides keeping them from starving, having breakfast has these benefits on kids:



#1 More nutrients are consumed during breakfast


When you eat breakfast, your body absorbs the vitamins and minerals it needs for the day. You may have nutritious food later in the day but it won't be as effective as consuming it during breakfast timings. 



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#2 It keeps obesity at bay 


Making sure they eat breakfast everyday is a way to encourage healthy eating patterns. Not following a healthy eating pattern or schedule may cause child obesity. 




#3 It keeps them energised throughout the day


With the necessary vitamins and minerals consumed, your child will be able to focus more in class and stay energised throughout the school session. Not having breakfast means that the body won't get the nutrient it requires to work, which could lead to kids falling asleep in class and being irritable. 



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#4 Better scores in exams


Yes! It's true that children who eat breakfast everyday perform better academically than their friends who don't. Eating breakfast improves memory strength and concentration power. 




So do get your kids to eat breakfast before they leave for school!



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