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The World's Most Expensive Pizza is Covered in 24K Gold

A really luxurious plate of pizza.

The idea of having edible gold on any food is bizzare. Precious metals like gold are commonly worn or made into decorative items, not usually consumed. There are cases of people consuming drinkable gold and edible gold, but these are usually associated with the ultra-rich. 


A chef in New York recently used 24K gold in a dish, along with other luxurious food items from around the world: a pizza.





The 24K gold pizza is made with edible gold from Ecuador, white stilton cheese from England, foie gras and truffles from France, and Ossetra caviar from the Caspian Sea. 



A slice of this expensive pizza will cost you USD250, whereas the whole pan will cost you USD2,000. It's definitely something for the ultra-rich and famous. You'll also need to place your order 48 hours before dining. 


Would you eat that much gold though?



Cover image from Industry Kitchen

*Article source: The Malay Mail Online


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